November / December 2019 Collection

AED 3,500.00
Eve Anna McKeown
Big Cheeks In Red
AED 3,900.00
Big Cheeks In Red by Louise Duggan
AED 2,400.00
Popby Anna McKeown
AED 2,400.00
Home by Anna McKeown
Study of Worship Painting By Roberto Raad
Study of Worship
AED 28,000.00
Study of Worship by Roberto Raad
Study of dancers painting by Roberto Raad
Study of Dancers
AED 36,000.00
Study of Dancers by Roberto Raad
No 5
AED 1,500.00
No 5 by Anna McKeown
LV Lips
AED 900.00
LV Lips by Billy
My Guilty Pleasure
AED 3,845.00
My Guilty Pleasure by Louise Duggan
The Gold On The Horizon
AED 1,800.00
The Gold On The Horizon by Louise Duggan
Green Lips
AED 4,200.00
Green Lips by Louise Duggan
When Land Hits The Sea
AED 1,500.00
When Land Hits The Sea by Louise Duggan
Coco In Pink
AED 2,400.00
Coco In Pink by Louise Duggan
Amidst The Noise
AED 3,900.00
Amidst The Noise by Louise Duggan
Green Nose On Black
AED 2,200.00
Green Nose On Black by Louise Duggan
AED 2,200.00
Marilyn by Billy
No 5 with Green
AED 2,000.00
No 5 with Green Painting by Louise Duggan
Cheeky Girl
AED 2,500.00
Cheeky Girl Abstract Painting by Louise Duggan